“Ensuring the long-term survival of California’s only fresh water turtle.”

Our Mission

The Chelonian Science Foundation is devoted to in-situ conservation, restoration and ecological management of the western pond turtle (Emys or Actinemys marmorata) and the habitat in which it lives.  We strive to develop collaborative relationships with habitat restoration and watershed management organizations, government and academic agencies, and private land owners working to protect the environment in which all species coexist.

Our Goal

Our goal is maintain and rebuild self-sustaining populations of western pond turtles in their native habitat.  We do this by reintroducing rehabilitated western pond turtles back to their native watersheds, on private and preserve lands that are protected from intense urbanization, sever habitat fragmentation, and major human impact.

Our Objective

To ensure the long-term survival of the western pond turtle in its natural habitat and protect the biological diversity of this species. We look to the community for support and contributions to protect the Western Pond Turtle and California’s ecosystem.

Our Belief

To successfully stabilize and protect our native turtles we must build collaborative partnerships, educate our community, and accumulate scientific data to support conservation programs.